table of extreme air states

The tables include extreme, average and other selected interesting values and measured points of individual monitored physical air parameters for a pre-set period. Using a form, it is possible to change the displayed data type. This means that it is possible to select hourly, daily or monthly averages. Furthermore, the time period for the value selection can be changed in this form. However, this period is limited to 9000 value items (approx. 1 year for hourly averages) due to the data volume.

Displayed Data Selection Settings
Displayed data type
Start date of the displayed data (year-month-day)
End date of the displayed data (year-month-day)
Display data using new selection settings

The basic table includes minimum, average and maximum values of physical qualities specifying the state for the selected period without differentiation of their mutual relations. This means that the maximum and minimum values are not related to the same time; each value can correspond to a different point in the selected time period.

Temperature [°C] -1.6 11.17 29.63
Relative humidity [%] 22.58 67.97 99.98
Pressure [Pa] 95645 96912 98176
Specific humidity [g/kg s.v.] 2.11 5.73 11.73
Absolute humidity [g/m3] 2.51 6.71 13.3
Specific density [kg/m3] 1.108 1.18 1.253
Steam partial pressure [Pa] 330 883 1780
Dew point temperature [°C] -7.28 4.5 15.66
Wet thermometer temperature [°C] -2.32 7.77 16.94
Enthalpy [kJ/kg s.v.] 5.69 25.74 49.4

The extreme value selection is performed using 723 records found in the database.

The next table shows interesting data including the time at which they were measured. All data are average values according to the selection settings (per hour, day or month).

Event descriptionEvent dateHour of measurementValue
Maximum air temperature [°C] 2021-05-11 16 29.63
Minimum air temperature [°C] 2021-04-26 6 -1.6
Maximum atmospheric pressure [Pa] 2021-04-24 1 98176
Minimum atmospheric pressure [Pa] 2021-05-02 9 95645
Minimum relative humidity [%] 2021-04-28 17 22.58
Maximum specific humidity [g/kgs.v.] 2021-05-12 19 11.73
Maximum dew point temperature [°C] 2021-05-12 19 15.66
Maximum air enthalpy [kJ/kgs.v.] 2021-05-12 16 49.4
Number of hours where temperature higher than 25 [°C] 22
Number of hours where temperature higher than 20 [°C] 46
Number of hours where temperature lower than 0 [°C] 12
Number of hours where dew point temperature higher than 15 [°C] 3
The greatest change in temperature per 1 hour [°C] 2021-05-05 14 5.89
The greatest change in pressure per 1 hour [Pa] 2021-05-05 14 184
Number of frosty days (temperature drops below 0 °C) 3
The greatest daily temperature amplitude [°C] 2021-05-04 18.99
The lowest daily temperature amplitude [°C] 2021-05-14 1.78

The graphs include measured data starting from July 2013. Therefore, it is possible to enter End date of the displayed from 6.7.2013 up to the present date in the setting form. If a different date or the wrong date format is entered, the start and end of the permissible period will be displayed.