This diagram includes the air states measured in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm using the T7511 COMET SYSTEM measuring device. Using a form, it is possible to change the displayed data type. This means that it is possible to display hourly, daily or monthly averages. Furthermore, it is possible to change the time period from which the values will be selected.

Displayed Data Selection Settings
Displayed data type
Start date of the displayed data (year-month-day)
End date of the displayed data (year-month-day)
Display data using new selection settings
Mollieruv h,x diagram se zakreslenými stavy vzduchu z databáze změřených hodnot

The graphs include measured data starting from July 2013. Therefore, it is possible to enter End date of the displayed from 6.7.2013 up to the present date in the setting form. If a different date or the wrong date format is entered, the start and end of the permissible period will be displayed.

If a large number of data points is selected (more than 350) using the extended period option, then only some of them will be displayed in the diagram. This reduction is performed by the selection of such a sequence so that the same time periods (e.g. the same hours) will not be repeated.

To display air states, it is possible to use the Vet Air Mollier HX Diagram created for the average pressure of 98475 Pa at the measurement site. The displayed air states can show minor variations due to differences in pressure measurements. The measurement method also does not allow the precise air state to be determined if oversaturated (fog). Therefore, all the displayed air states should be placed over 100% relative humidity.

The HX Diagram displays individual measurement points (marked with crosses) and average values of enthalpy and specific humidity from the measurement points marked with green arrows.