This page shows the current air parameters. The T7511 temperature, relative humidity and pressure sensor from COMET SYSTEM, s.r.o. is used to perform measurements. For additional information on the sensor location, its accuracy and measurement conditions, refer to the separate page.

Current data and short-term forecast of their development are also graphically displayed on the scales in the pictures. In this case the pressure value is recalculated to sea level while the pressure values in other tables and graphs are indicated in relation to the measurement site.

The above-mentioned measuring gauge measures these values automatically. Consequently, additional values of air quality are continuously calculated and the results are recorded in the database. The course of each air physical quality can be displayed using the adjustable graphs and tables on the Archive page while the sorted extreme values of air states can be found in the table featuring an adjustable data selection interface.

Current Measured Values

Current date and time of the measurement 16.4.2024 7:16. If the learned data are not up-to-date, the page must be updated in the browser (usually using the F5 key).

TimeTemperatureRelative humidityPressurePressure
[h:m:s] *1) [°C] *2) [%] *3) [Pa] *4) [Pa] *5)

Note: *1) – Server time when the measured value was saved *2) – Air temperature at the sensor location *3) - Relative humidity at the sensor location *4) – Absolute pressure at the sensor location *5) – Air pressure recalculated to sea level, including temperature correction

Graph of hourly temperature and relative humidity averages for the last 24 hours

The green bar graph shows the average hourly air temperature values while the blue bar graph shows the relative humidity values. The graph shows the values in sequence from 24 hours ago up to the present time (last completed hour).

Graf zobrazení naměřených hodnot

Current Hourly Averages of Certain Monitored Values

The first table includes hourly averages of directly measured values. The values are read every 5 minutes and consequently the hourly average of the measured values is calculated every hour.

Time of measurementTemperatureRelative humidityAtmospheric pressure
[hodina] [°C] [%] [Pa]

The second table includes hourly averages of certain calculated values. The last 4 recorded hours are included in this table.

Time of measurementSpecific humiditySpecific densityDew point temperatureEnthalpy
[hodina] [g/kg s.v.] [kg/m3] [°C] [kJ/kg s.v.]

Temperature and Humidity for Last 5 Days

Graf zobrazení naměřených hodnot

The green bar graph shows the average hourly air temperature values while the blue bar graph shows the relative humidity values.

Minimum, Average and Maximum Values

The next table includes average extreme values from the archive of the hourly averages which were measured over the last 20 days.

ValueMinimum valueAverage valueMaximum value
Temperature [°C]2.2814.8228.47
Pressure [Pa]94786.19703998910.8
Specific humidity [g/kg s.v.]4.477.0310.6
Dew point temperature [°C]1.57.9714.17
Enthalpy [kJ/kg s.v.]13.8332.7450.48