In the graph below, it is possible to display a comparison of one value for two pre-set time periods. The value type and other parameters can be entered using a control form. The basic settings are performed for the temperature last week with the temperature in the same period a year ago.

The Displayed data type option enables you to set whether hourly, daily or monthly average values will be displayed. The displayed period for graphic processing can be selected within a range from 24 hours up to 1 year. If a different value is selected, a length of one week will automatically be entered. Similarly, the interval between the compared periods will be limited by the start and end of measured data saved in the database. If a value higher than the measurement period range is set, the closest period within the start and end of the records in the database will be entered.

Displayed Data Selection Settings
Displayed data type
Length of this period
Interval between compared periods
End date of the displayed data (year-month-day)
Physical value
New graph settings
Graf vybraných hodnot z databáze

The graphs include measured data starting from July 2013. Therefore, it is possible to enter End date of the displayed from 6.7.2013 up to the present date in the setting form. If a different date or the wrong date format is entered, the start and end of the permissible period will be displayed.